Manufacturing & Fabrication

With an extensive manufacturing facility and years of experience we are able to boast a vast product manufacturing area that includes manufacturing, pre-fabrication, painting, welding, routing, vinyl, wiring and assembly, and printing.

Professional Installation

We are able to offer professional installation services anywhere in Canada with a commitment to making things right the first time. We oversee every aspect of the installation from beginning to end with well-organized, experienced, and knowledgeable staff.


Our team is fully-equipped to service and repair all types of interior/exterior signs and lighting. Our installation crew can remove, dispose and install all signs in a professional manner. We can arrange for permits and licensing across Canada with a network of installers, if necessary.

Maintenance & Repair

Our team is well-equipped with lift trucks and tools to repair and maintain all types of signs we offer. Our sign maintenance and repair experts are equipped for everything from weather-related repairs to software updates.

LED Retrofits

More often than not fluorescent lights are being updated with LED lighting. They not only save money but they perform better in extreme temperature, give off brighter, whiter light, reduce power consumption and are better built making them overall more durable.

City Permitting

Detailed shop drawings with a professional engineering seal are often required to obtain a city permit for signs. We can prepare these documents for your project and obtain city permits. Our administrative staff will receive municipal clearance for signage placement. City Permits can take 2-6 weeks to obtain, depending on the scope of the proposed sign project.


Pylon Signs

Typically a freestanding custom lightbox that is detached from a building. They come in different shapes and sizes made of metal, stone or brick with lettering and many sign faces for several businesses on one or both sides.

Channel Letter Signs

Probably one of the most popular types of exterior signage, channel letter signs come with or without backlighting. They are custom made in many materials including metal or plastic letters can be illuminated from behind (halo/backlit) or internally.

LED Illuminated Sign Cabinets/Sign Box

A sign that contains all the text and/or logos on the display face of an enclosed cabinet that cab be rectangle or shaped.

Awnings/Canopy Signs

Custom fabricated awnings are an elegant way to identify your business and they can keep rain off you and your customers. They can be illuminated or not. The framing is built and the awning material (fabric or vinyl) is stretched over and the graphics are done to complete the look.

Blade or Flag Pole Signs

Blade signs can either be attached to a pole, as a street sign or affixed directly to a building. They can be lit internally or from an outside source. They can come in all shapes, sizes and materials. The advantage of the blade or flag pole sign is that it often faces the flow of traffic.


Electronic Messaging Centres, Project Development Signs, Parking Lot Signs and Lighting, Safety and Construction Signs, Oilfield Tags and Safety Signs, Window Graphics & Decaling, Permanent and Temporary Banners, Vehicle Wraps, Directories & Wayfinding Signs and Promotional Items.